What is MEP

What is MEP in Building Services?

MEP – Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing

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MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing. It is an important part of building design and constructions. MEP includes all the necessary fittings, fixtures or appliances which are used in building construction or any other structure.
So in this post, we are discussing MEP in Building services, and the details about them and also discuss Building Services in Architecture, its types and use of it in the construction of a building.

Building Services in Architecture

Building Services are the services or facilities provided for human welfare. It maintains comfort, hygiene and also provides a clean environment. It is also an important part of the construction of a building. Therefore, it includes Sanitation (sanitary fittings and its types), Plumbing (types of pipes, traps), Sewers system and Water distribution systems, etc. Building Services in Architecture is a vast subject, it also includes Electrical systems, and also Mechanical system like lifts, escalators, air conditioning systems, etc.

Types of Building Services or ‘MEP’

1. Mechanical System in MEP

The mechanical system is a physical phenomenon, which converts internal forces into external forces. In other words, the inlet forces or motion covert into the outlet forces or motion. In MEP, the letter ‘M‘ stands for ‘Mechanical’ in Building Services. Input, Process and Output are the three basic elements of the mechanical system. In general, various appliance used for daily purposes works in the mechanism of the mechanical system. So, the different types of Mechanical systems used in our daily life are as follows:


  1. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System) – a cooling system that maintains the comfort level inside the building. For using various types of equipment like chiller beam, solar chimneys, air ducts, etc.
  2. Lifts/Elevators – vertical transport equipment for moving goods and peoples between the floors of building or structure.
  3. Escalators – a moving staircase or walkways, for easy convenience to the people travel between the floors of the building.

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2. Electrical System in MEP

Electricity is a physical phenomenon related to the flow and presence of electric current or charges. It includes electromagnetic radiation, induction, radio waves, lightning and static electricity. In MEP, the letter ‘E’ stands for ‘Electrical’ in Building Services. It is an apparent force of nature. Electricity is generated when there is a net electric current or charge is present between the two objects. In electricity, materials can also be classified into three major classes:

  1. Conductors – which allows the flow of heat, light, electricity or sound to pass through the objects or materials. For instance Copper, Aluminum, Silver, etc.
  2. Insulators – which does not allow the flow of heat, light, electricity or sound to pass through the objects or materials. For instance like Rubber, Glass, Porcelain, etc.
  3. Semi-Conductors – which allow the flow of current between the conducting materials and does not allow the flow of current between the insulating materials. For instance, Silicon, Germanium, Gallium, etc).

Electrical Fixtures or Fittings

The fixtures or appliances used for providing electricity to the home appliances, water pumps, motors, etc called ‘Electric Fixtures or Fittings’. Different types of fixtures or appliances are used for different purposes. Some of the basic electrical fixtures used in general purposes are as follows:

3-Pin Socket
Three Pin Socket
  1. Ceiling Rose (a decorative element used for affixed) – for fans and chandelier.
  2. Distribution Panel (also known as Panel Board or Breaker Panel) – electricity supply system.
  3. Main Switch (also known as Distribution Board) – a central cut-off switch that controls the switches of the building or house.
  4. Three Pin Socket – the socket or device is earthed. In addition, one of the pins is used for protection against electric shock and the other two pins are used to transfer electricity.
  5. Two Way Switch – the two switches which are connected with the same appliances. In other words, the switches controlling a single outlet or device.
  6. Miniature Circuit Breaker – an automatically operated electrical switch designed to protect from an overload or short circuit.
Miniature Circuit Breaker

3. Plumbing System in MEP

Plumbing is a term which includes the system, fixture, fittings and materials used in a building for various purposes like water supply, disposal of soil and wastewater, storm water drainage. It is also used for the ventilation of foul smell from the drainage system. In MEP, the letter ‘P’ stands for ‘Plumbing’ in Building Services. The type of fixtures or fittings used in plumbing systems is termed as ‘Plumbing fixtures’. A plumbing system is used for various purposes, for instance:

  1. For water supply (including various fixtures such as taps, tanks, valves, couplers etc.) and water distribution system.
  2. The disposal of sanitary water and drainage (including wastewater from the various fixtures like washbasins, water-closets, sink, urinals, etc.)
  3. The removal of stormwater (including collection and carrying off rainwater from roofs, paved areas, and from ground surfaces, etc).


Sanitation refers to the provision of facilities and services provided for the disposal of human excreta. In other words, ‘Sanitation’ is a term used for the maintenance of a clean and hygiene environment, through various services such as garbage collection and wastewater disposal. The main objective of the Sanitation system is to protect or promote human health and welfare. It provides a better or clean environment and also prevents the various cause of diseases. Sanitation is a part of ‘Plumbing System’ in Building Services.

Sanitary Fittings

The fittings and fixtures which are used for collection or discharge of soil and water waste materials are termed as ‘Sanitary Fittings & Fixtures ‘. In Sanitation system, according to their functions, various sanitary fittings & fixtures are used in the building. It is generally made up of ceramics, glazed chinaware, stainless steels, metals, plastics, glazed earthenware or fire clay. Therefore, some of the common fittings like couplers, elbow holders, transition bush, union, reducer, ball valve, etc. Also, the common fixtures used in the building are as follows:

MEP-Water Closets (WC)
Water Closets (WC)
  1. Wash Basin
  2. Water Closets (WC)
  3. Bath Tub
  4. Shower Stall
  5. Flushing Cistern
What Is MEP -Wash Basin
Section & ViewWash Basin

In the conclusion of this topic, we are discussing MEP in Building services. The basic knowledge, types and uses of it in building design and construction. So in our upcoming posts, we will elaborate all of the above topics in details with their uses, properties and functions.

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