‘Sketching’ is an important part of ‘Architecture’. Architecture Sketching is a way to portrait or creates our thought by using lines and shapes in a piece of paper. Sketching is a ‘freehand drawing’. It is used to draw a story or to create our imagination in a paper to represent our ideas to others. Architecture sketching has its own definition and types. Also, it is merely depending upon the perspective of the artist or it differs from people to people.

In Architecture, sketching is used for presentation. As we all know, everyone has their way of understanding or to identify things. In architecture, we use some symbolic drawings or sketching to show our ideas to others. In Architecture, it is very common because everyone has a different or interesting way to present their thoughts.

Architecture sketching is a word; it doesn’t have any image or properties to describe. But, there is a different way to do sketching in Architecture. For instance, Line drawings, stippling’s, Dot Renderings, Water wash, Freehand sketching & Rendering, etc.


‘Sketching’ is an art. It is a way to represent the thought or ideas of our mind. Every person has its own perspective or imagination to think about any subject, object, material, place, etc. It is not possible to copy anybody’s ideas, thoughts, thinking and imagination.

So in that case, sketching is different for all, they have their own way of understanding about any material, object, place, people, etc. Also, it does not have any definite course or syllabus to study. Sketching can be identified in different forms like Portrait, Abstract, Free-hand, Still life sketching’s, etc.

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How Architecture Sketching is different from general Sketching?

Architecture Sketching is different from general sketching. In Architecture, we know about our requirement and subject. In architectural sketching, we only have to focus on a particular subject, place, thing, etc. to fulfil the requirements of the topic. It is an imaginary thought, in every minute we create something different, new and unique, which enhance the matter of subject.

In Architecture, sketching helps to communicate our ideas visually. Sketching in Architecture is the easiest and fastest way to convey or present our ideas to others. Sketching is an essential part of Architecture. It is a way to present our idea visually and pictorially. Sketching is the first step in the whole design process. Because if we start to design anything we have to think about it first, visualize it and draw.


Sketching is just like a scribble in a paper to showcase our visualization not more than that. The funniest thing is that anyone can sketch. It doesn’t need any particular stream to do that. It is the most common and easiest way to represent our words. Sketching can be in any form. For instance, the logo of any company, posters and the most common thing is emoji’s (as we used in messaging).

Advantages of Sketching

  • Idea Evolution
  • Brain Storming
  • Convey our ideas easily to others
  • Sketches is a time-saver technique
  • The base of the Design Process
  • Visualization power-enhancing
  • Improving Creativity
  • Develops Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Improves ability to focus
  • Foundation of Art skills

Types of Sketch Forms

Sketching is a ‘freehand’ art without any limits or boundations or no rules to be a sketcher. As we above discussed, every person as their own way of sketching or understanding the things. The definition of sketching is also varying from person to person. It is simply an art form, which we used in Architecture for various purposes and also in different forms. Some of the basic sketches forms, we use in Architecture are as follows:

Steps for Sketching Practice

Sketching has no limits, anyone can sketch freely. It has no rules to be a good sketcher. So, we have to follow some basic steps and they are:

  • Freehand ‘Lines Practice’ both vertically and horizontally. (This will help you to improve sketching without any dots or crooked in-between lines)
Lines Practice
  • Draw Still life objects sketches. (Improves focus, visualization and imagination power)
  • Understand the shape and size of the object. In very simple words, work on ‘Scale and Proportions’.
  • Shades and Shadows – Understand the depth, distance between objects and viewpoints in Sketching.
Architecture Sketching

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