Architecture Quiz -8-October-2020

Architecture Quiz-8

The new Architecture quiz is out…

These Architectural Quiz contains interesting topics related to Architecture field. It contains knowledge of both the National and International buildings, materials, places, famous Architects and their works too.

This is a 5 minutes quiz, for each question, you will have 30 seconds time, then it will disappear automatically.
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Architecture Quiz-8

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Eiffel Tower in Paris is made up of:

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Identify the given building?

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Rashtrapati Bhavan is also known as:

4 / 10

Empire State Building is located in:

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Where is the Head Quarter Building of WHO located in:

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Which of the following is not a form of Concrete?

7 / 10

What does the term "texture" means:

8 / 10

4046 sq. m refers to:

9 / 10

Identify the building?

10 / 10

Identify the following, who is famous but has not designed any building?

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