Architecture Quiz -30-August-2020

Architecture Quiz-5

Architecture quiz, contains some interesting facts about buildings, construction materials, some famous architects works, places, etc.

In this quiz, you will find some interesting questions and answers related to the Architecture field. This is a 5 minutes quiz, in each question, you will have 30 seconds time for answering, then it will disappear automatically.
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Architecture Quiz-5

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The "Gaytri Mantra" Contained in the Rigveda is dedicated to which deity?

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Who is the Architect of Parliament House?

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Identify the building:

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HUDCO is an organization for?

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Air cooler work on the principal of ?

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Hanging Gardens are built along the river Banks of:

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The vertical member separating adjacent windows called?

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(4-x)/(2+x)=x Then, what is the  value of x² + 3x - 4=?

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Which of the following, is the closest of approximately of (50.2x0.49)/199.8?

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Average Height of Indian Female  is:

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