Architecture Quiz – 19-August-2020

Architecture Quiz-2

Architecture Quiz 2 is out now…
These Architectural Quiz is designing for the purpose of preparation for the entrance exam of Architecture. It contains some logistic questions as well as about the knowledge of people, places, and materials related to Architecture.

In this quiz, you will find some interesting questions and answers related to the Architecture field. This is a 5 minutes quiz, in each question, you will have 30 seconds time for answering, then it will disappear automatically.
So, enjoy the Quiz. Also, feel free to share your experience in the comment section….


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Architecture Quiz -2

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In CMYK, the word ‘K’ stands for:

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Buland Darwaza is in:

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Identify the given building: Quiz-2

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Colour Wheel represents:

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Organic shapes are made by the combination of:

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In which direction the sky light opening should be given for providing the maximum lightning in a building:

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The value of -3-(-10) is, how much greater than the value of -10-(-3)?

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The top most part of the brick is:

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Architect of Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal?

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Akbar tomb is famous for:

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