Architecture Quiz – 17-August-2020

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Architecture quiz, contains some interesting facts about buildings, construction materials, some famous architects works, places, etc.
In this quiz, you will find some interesting questions and answers related to the Architecture field. This is a 5 minutes quiz, in each question, you will have 30 seconds time for answering, then it will disappear automatically.
So, enjoy the Quiz. Also, feel free to share your experience on the comment section….

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Architecture Quiz

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In ‘Abstract Painting’- the word ABSTRACT means:

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VIBGYOUR represents:

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“Less is only more where more is no good” – This quote is written by:

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Which type of plastic is used in water storage tank, construction industry and internal paneling?

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Distemper is:

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Mahabalipuram is  famous for:

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In which period, the famous Ajanta Caves in Maharashtra were built?

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Identify the building:

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In which direction, the trees should be planted to reduce the maximum heat radiation around a building?

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Victoria Memorial, Kolkata is made up of which materials:

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